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The recommended installation of a 2Bsure Twin system is still on the frame either side of the harness so the top of the float sits around your arm pit, you can mount the units on the shoulder straps of the harness, When fitting to the shoulder straps the straps need to be looser than the shoulder straps, the Powerfloat is not designed to take the weight of the paramotor when carried and this may cause a tear in the outside material, does not effect safety but it is easily avoided by having the powerfloat straps not take the load.

Costing are in AUD;

We only sell direct to Australia pilots ad offer HGFA 7 SAFA members a discount. All other country’s we sell via our dealer network. Please feel free to contact us on for your closest retailer.

Prices are a recommended retail but dealers set there own cost. Normally cheaper than the recommended.

U Shape $190.00 includes 70 Gram Co2, transport bag and sticker.

2Bsure Twin system for PPG $220.00 Our preferred option, includes two x 25 Gram Co2, transport bag and sticker., mount on harness shoulder straps.

2Bsure XL for Trike $260.00, includes two x 70 Gram Co2, transport bag and sticker.

Please be aware that Powerfloat units like all life jackets have a 5 year working life and reliability after this date can not be guaranteed. Powerfloat units over 5 years old should be totally replaced for your safety. Water sensors we suggest are changed annually due to exposure to moisture in the air.

You can buy direct but check the local distributor list for all schools , instructors and stores that stock my vests for immediate supply at the same cost but with less shipping fees.

Because these are a safety device there is no exclusive dealerships and the range is available to all, Please feel free to contact me at with any questions.

U shaped vest, automatic and manual inflation for Paramotors are $190.00 complete with Co2 canister (70 gram). 33% larger than the other brand!

IMG_1808IMG_1813Recommended  mounting system for PG & PPG on the shoulder strapsIMG_1814DSC_0411

Frame mounting is not as effective as the shoulder straps and is not our prefered option for foot launch PPG.


The 2Bsure vests (two piece flotation system) are available in two sizes the standard for Powered Paragliders and Paragliders are $320.00 the pair including Co2 Canisters (2 x 25 gram) and automatic inflation. The best thing about the twin system is they fit any frame or harness and have the security of two flotation units. These are also popular with coastal Tandem pilots as they can be mounted on the spreader bars as an option for PPG or PG pilots.

The 2Bsure XL are much larger in volume are are ideal for hang gliders, powered hangliders, powered parachutes and Powered Paraglider trikes and are $360.00 the pair with the Co2 Canisters (2 x 70 gram) and Automatic inflation and can be fitted almost anywhere on a frame or upright as required.

The U shape vest with Co2 canister weights in at 211 gram

The set or pair of 2Bsure  vests weight 398 gram including the Co2 canisters.

The set or pair of 2Bsure XL vests weight 711 gram including the Co2 canisters.

Please email me at for shipping costs or you closest dealer.

Each half of the 2Bsure system is the same flotation as a standard 150N life vest so the pair give you twice the flotation and the added security of two cells. The 2Bsure XL size has six times the flotation of a normal life vest in the pair for excessive flotation. These are supplied with the new multiple fit system they can be attached with the webbing supplied, Velcro or with zip ties through the loops on the back.

The 2Bsure is ideal for schools doing SIV courses over lakes, Acro pilots, coastal pilots and every day pilots that have any chance of a water landing. The biggest and best flotation system available for pilots.

Payments can be made by Credit Card, Direct Deposit or we do also except Paypal, simply send me an email for a Paypal invoice and payment request at

I work on a very thin margin on manufacture of these vests as my priority is pilot safety not profit so please do not offend by asking for a discount, the quality of the product the fact it is made here in Australia and it can save your life if you land in water should be motivation enough to purchase one for your self.

Paypal Payments can be sent to Please check a shipping cost before you send a payment.

Wholesale enquires are welcome.

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