U Shape and 2Bsure Vest information.

The recommended installation of a 2Bsure Twin system is on the shoulder straps of the harness to ensure maximize the ability of the vests to keep a unconscious pilot’s head above water. The 2Bsure is our prefered system for PPG.

All Water sensors for should be replaced annually to ensure moisture absorption from the air or wet grass etc does not  cause a unexpected inflation.

Please clip on this link for a flow chart showing the Powerfloat options, users and Co2 sizes.

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U shape vests are the traditional option for PPG units and we make ours a larger u shape to ensure a better fit on most Paramotor units. The 2Bsure twin units are becoming more popular as they have the added security of two flotation cells and have multiple fitting options allowing them to fit Paramotor frames that are not suitable to a U shape vest.

In manufacture we us thicker vest yellow material for the flotation system, thicker canvas deployment covers and a military grade oral inflation tube. The volume for flotation is also larger for extra lift with the U shape vest having a size of 420N  the 2Bsure a size of 150N per half for a total of 300N and the 2Bsure XL a size of 450N per half for a total of 900N the pair.

IMG_1814 IMG_1813

The 2Bsure installed on the shoulder straps of a Paraglider harness, with Twice the flotation of a normal 150N life vest the two piece system gives added security and added flotation to counter the flotation of the harness to flip a pilot onto there back. The set or pair weight 711 gram including the Co2 canisters.

The Sensor units for inflation when landing in water have an Expiry date you much check and replace them prior to expiry. If you live, fly or store the vests in a Humid environment then these should be replaced every 12 months due to moisture absorption from the air reducing the usable life of the water sensor activation units. If you fly Coastal conditions or a wet environment this also applies.

The Vests themselves should be retired and replaced after 4 years of usage as this is standard industry practice as due to exposure to the elements and wear and tear 100% reliabilty can not be ensured.

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Please feel free to post on our blog at this site your experiences and feed back on water landing or suggestions for product development as we would like to always improve our product for sports aviation.

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