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The recommended installation of a 2Bsure Twin system is on the shoulder straps of the harness to ensure maximize the ability of the vests to keep a unconscious pilot’s head above water. The 2Bsure is our prefered system for PPG.

All Water sensors for should be replaced annually to ensure moisture absorption from the air or wet grass etc does not  cause a unexpected inflation.

Please be aware that Powerfloat units like all life jackets have a 5 year working life and reliability after this date can not be guaranteed. Powerfloat units over 5 years old should be totally replaced for your safety. Water sensors we suggest are changed annually due to exposure to moisture in the air.

These 3 PDF files are the User guides for your new Powerfloat units.

Powerfloat User Guide How to fold or repack your U shape vest.

Powerfloat Users Guide 2 Rearming your U shape vest.

Powerfloat Users Guide 3  Installing your U shape vest on a PPG frame.

U shape vest install guide


How to install your U shape Powerfloat Video

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